Preparing final papers

Instructions for papers to be included in the Springer proceedings.

1.1 Please, revise your paper in order to meet the reviewers’ recommendations pasted at the end of this message.
1.2 Make sure that your paper STRICTLY complies with Springer style guidelines. The editors will adjust no style issues, and Springer will reject papers not complying with its guidelines.
1.3 Proofread your paper properly and check the reference list for completeness.
1.4 Make sure that the paper is NOT anonymous: at this stage is must include authors names and affiliations as well as acknowledgment section including description of funds financing the research described in the paper.
1.5 Make sure that you have the copyright permission from the owner of the copyright for all the figures and illustrations included in the paper.
1.6 Save the file BOTH in its source format (either a zipped linux folder or a word file) and as a pdf.

2. ACCOMPANYING LETTER. Prepare one document¬† (‘accompanying letter’) describing the way in which the reviewers’ suggestions have been met. This year the conference proceedings will be released under an open access license paid for by the conference to Springer for the whole book; therefore the copyright former is different from usual Springer forms.

3. COPYRIGHT. Please download the copyright form from here and fill it in with:
–¬† the paper’s title,
– authors names,
– contact author’s details (especially email); the contact author will have to be immediately available when proofs are sent back to authors in order to check the roofs within 72 hours
– author’s signature ( One author may sign on behalf of all of the authors
of a particular paper, provided that permission to do so has been accorded by the other
authors in advance. Usually the corresponding author is the one providing the signature.).

Please remember that Springer DOES NOT ACCEPT DIGITAL SIGNATURES so you will need to print, sign and scan the filled form.