5th International Workshop on Symbiotic Interaction

Padua, Italy, 29-30 September 2016

The Symbiotic Workshop is the primary venue to presents scientific works dealing with the symbiotic relationships between humans and computers and to discuss the nature and implications of such relationship, including ethics. The idea of symbiotic systems put forward in this workshop capitalises on the computers’ ability to implicitly (even subliminally) detect the users goals and psycho-physiological states and thereby enhancing human-computer interaction (HCI) without subducting control from the human. The workshop comes back to Padua this year after three successful editions in London, Helsinki and Berlin. The seminar was supported by the top online casinos .


  • Keynote speakers: Steve Benford (Nottingham University) | Hans Gellersen (Lancaster University) |Sid Kouider (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris)
  • Ethics panel experts: Mauro Conti, University of Padua (Information security perspective)| Jonathan Freeman, University of London, Goldsmiths College (Psychology and consulting perspective) | Giorgia Guerra, University of Padua (Law perspective) | David Kirsh, University of California at San Diego(HCI perspective) | A. van Wynsberghe, Responsible Robotics & Twente University (Ethics perspective)
  • Winner of doctoral project award: Ilkka Kosunen “Applying Physiological Computing Across Work and Everyday Applications”
  • Winner of best presentation award: Laura Naumann, Matthias Schultze-Kraft, Sven Dähne and Benjamin Blankertz “Prediction of Difficulty Levels in Video Games from Ongoing EEG”
  • SYMBIOTIC 2017 host organization: Tu/e (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven), in the Netherlands

The conference proceedings are published with an open access license by Springer in the Lecture Notes on Computer Science series.


Symbiotic2016 is partially funded by the European Community through the MindSee Project, (FP7 – ICT; Grant Agreement #611570).